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startup funding


Are you struggling hard to raise the funding for your startup? You must have worked hard for your business idea and now all you need is to figure it out the best way get your product in the market. So hereby we have tried our hands to figure it out few ways to get a startup funded and help get a product out into the market. To get a loan is just a normal part, nowadays there are many other ways to raise the funds.

1. Small business loan:

Almost all cities and towns have a small business association which can help them to raise funds for their start-up. This is an easy path to raise the funds. You can also get loans at a fixed interest rate from here. Other advantages are you will get general resources for the information, networking, and mentor-ship, have clear conditions of interest rates and payment requirements and they don’t interfere on daily basis to get their investment back.

Apart from all these, the disadvantages of these are they don’t like to take risks so a small business loan is that takes a lot of paperwork and proof of the profitability of your business. You may need to disclose each small detail related to your business idea to ensure them that you are are a worth it person to invest in you.

2. Angel Investors

An angel investor is an individual with private wealth who usually is passionate about funding causes that solve a big problem in the world. An angel will usually fund a startup in exchange for a percentage of equity in the business. The pros are they have a great experience in the start-up funding and their team is expert in business connections. So, in a nutshell, they have roots in the market in which you are going to step in.

Angel investors will often serve as your mentor and guide in navigating the startup world just because they are financially invested in your success. Also, they will help you to receive startup funding without interest.

Cons may be that they will have a complete involvement in your business, though will be your helping bodies, at times may you feel lack of space for your business decisions.

3. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding provides an opportunity to go directly to your customers to raise awareness and money for your business. In addition, sometimes entrepreneurs use crowdfunding first, and once they have proven the market demand – go on to raise money through venture capital firms (at much better terms) for the next phase of their business. This helps to keep a creative control on the funding models and also help you to reach your audience at right time.

But this may be time seeking or sometimes this way of raising funds ma not work even.

Idea of Entrepreneur is an open-source platform, without any restrictions, any investor in the world can browse your project and contact you directly. They have no involvement in your business deal. And they don’t charge any commission or fees.

They will also spread your ideas without being judgmental. Their job is to tell your story to the world and help you get funded for your startup. However, they are not allowing posts which violate our policy or contain any abusive information.

You could also get feedback by investors which will help you improve your execution plan and sharpen your vision.

What are you waiting for? Step into or visit Idea of Entrepreneur today.




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