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Could you have ever imagined living in a world where everything is just a click away? From booking a cab to ordering food, consulting your physician to buying clothes and even sending gifts to your dear ones siting abroad. Probably not! But it’s a fact reality today. You can do almost anything and everything today, here we will describe 9 unique businesses ideas around world that impacted our lives, thanks to a wise man’s mind and his risks.

Each and every business running in and around the world is someone’s brainchild who has practically left the person sleepless for many nights. And, their endless efforts have paid them off well. You don’t actually need to over-utilize the internet space or the mobile phones to transform a simple idea into something big and worth. All you need is to do connect with the newest generation, seek their in-demands and convert them into something productive for them. The best example to quote if Flipkart.

Patient and Pharmacist

Online platform to connect patient and pharmacists all over the world. A global pharmacy live chat service that allows anyone to ask health and medication questions to licensed pharmacists and get instant answers for free.

Unique feature of this service:
1) no forms to fill out, no questionnaire forms to fill out- simply type and chat like messaging apps

2) store and share your medical history, list of medications, prescription pictures with pharmacist

3) seamless chat unlike waiting for email answers back and forth.
Mission – to keep patients safe from misinformation on internet and speed up the process of finding answers to their questions.


The journey of this start-up has inspired millions across the globe. An idea that seemed impossible back then and surely something unique in a country like India, the owners of Flipkart proved it to the world that they could make impossible possible. Since its inception in the year of 2007, Flipkart has grown from merely selling books online to a platform that serves as a great competition to company giants like eBay and Amazon. Till today, the company has almost raised about $2.7 billion in a multitude of funding rounds.


Initially inaugurated as an a la carte one-stop education destination where industry experts could leverage education on any subject matter to anyone who wishes to attend, at a nominal charge of about $20 or $25. Starting this summer of 2017, Skillshare has reduced its cost to $10 per month, all-you-can-eat model. What makes this unique from other education imparting portals is that it doesn’t have tie-ups with hot-shot university veterans to teach the class, but normal individuals who can teach something useful to the masses. Such is concept is hard to find. And today, many are getting inspired by Skillshare’s idea.


This is yet another concept which till date, is quite atypical. Stitch Fix is one of the few known companies in the world that blend a humanly touch of personal styling with top-notch quality clothing and a bit of proprietary algorithm to create apparels that are simply majestic. Staring in the year of 2011, today the company’s billable to up to a few million dollars a year. It initially targeted the mid-20s, especially the working class who has a demanding job and practically no time for shopping. It has now expanded its horizon to all age groups.


As wisely quoted by a learned man,” Books are a man’s best friend.” Indeed, that’s true! And, to let the two enjoy their inevitable relationship, Oyster brought forward the concept of ebooks on the market. It emerged as a blockbuster and since its inception, it has served millions across the globe. Today the concept has been adopted by many companies all over the world. Oyster offers a bank of approximately 500,000 titles which typically include the new releases as well. It offers a monthly subscription of about $9.95 which, if you calculate, is far lesser than the price of a single book sod physically in the market.


Uber is another company that deserves a mention in the list of companies with unique ideas that are today, worth millions and billions. Regardless of the legal issues it had to face in its initial years of inception, uber has raised approximately $1.5 billion and is still expanding its horizon on the global platform. China’s Didi Taxi and India’s Ola are some other companies that offer the same services in their respective countries.

While these are some businesses that are currently running in the world and are worth a fortune, there are many unique business ideas around world that are yet untapped or are rare in the market. What are these? Let’s take a look!

Ayurveda Tourism

One branch of medical science that has apparently paved way to the discovery of tons of cures and means to stay fit and healthy. Ayurveda has been accepted on a national as well as international level, and has widened the bounds and prospects of converting this holistic system into a form of tourist traction. Entrepreneurs can get into the depth of understanding the concept of Ayurveda in its full form and bring it up as a strong and majestic way of selling it in the market to curious minds. The best part, it’s a business ideal that requires less or no investment at all.

Business Startup Instruction

This is one of the very unique business ideas around the world which is growing rapidly.Everyone desires to start their own business one day, but lack the means to take their fool-proof idea to a level that it deserves. This is where a Business Startup Instruction company can help you get up, formulate all your plans, strategize in the smartest manner, help fetch funds, and everything else that would help pick up your company and get it rocking in the market.
Business Startup Instruction companies can impart knowledge about the feasibility of one’s business idea, offer suggestions by introducing to industry veterans and everything else that’s essential. Such companies are quite less, or should say, a handful in the global market. It’s a venture great idea to delve into!

Pet Grooming

There are many pet shops in your city that offer services related to pet management. But, grooming is something that not many have touched. This is because, it’s a bit of a challenge preening pets. Establishing a pet grooming business with tie-ups with professional pet trainers is a highly lucrative, profitable and quite a trending business idea.

Wedding Consulting

Now, there’s a fine line of difference between wedding planning and wedding consulting. A planner will help organize everything – from the beginning till the end. But, a wedding consulting will help you analyze the pros and cons of every minute of the details. For instance, a wedding planner will give you venue options. A consultant, on the other hand, will help weigh whether or not the venues are worth zeroing or not.

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Author : Samip Thakkar

Publish Date : 2017-12-08