Need to do things to run successful start-up

I really excited to share with you that make company success.
Why so much startup fails and only list amount succeed. If you follow bellow five steps you can achieve unbelievable things.
run a successful startup

1-Execution of Idea

I used to think that ideas were everything. Then I found out an execution of an idea is so important.Everybody has a business plan until they get punched by the customers.


Famous businessman warren Buffet said, “honesty is the very valuable thing and it is very hard to find right people”. If you can find the team that smarter than you.They can suggest you things and they tell you what to do next. Find people who you share a common vision with. They believe in your plan and idea. Then, rely on them, they will take you to the next level.


So many businesses die because of lack of fund, they do have an excellent business plan but it does not work because the company has lack of funds. Find investors from,, try out bank loans, tell your family and friends might be they are interested in working with your plan. Nowadays, a platform like is very useful to find local investors where you can post your ideas and local investors will contact you directly. There is no commission or any third party involvement in this.


Think-What if you make another Facebook, twitter or tumbler..? Is it worth? Not now right!? – After WhatsApp, there are 100 other sites come out on the market but none of these succeed. The only reason was they are not the first. Do not copy other business you will surely fail but develop something that nobody develops in the market yet.


This is the single most important factor for the successful startup. For example, youtube comes out when internet market was growing, Uber comes out when drivers desperately need a platform who can provide them passengers without waiting at bus stop, so long for a single ride. Look at the timing of Tumblr-it comes out when blogging era starts.
Look and see the feasibility of your business. Right things at right time are so important.
Hope, you like my thought.
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Have a successful day..!


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