How to make your startup more progressive

Nowadays, most of the startups are failed due to following reasons

startup more progressive

startup more progressive


  • Funding Resources– Funding resources is an asset for any successful startup. Any successful startup need time and time consumes money. No matter how much research you have done before starting a business, there are always unexpected expenses come across that you need to take care of. Many investors like angel investors, venture capitalist or Vcs are always looking for good ideas. You can generate extra fund by involving them with your business plan. However, you have to dilute some shares by giving them a part of your stakes.Also, there are some funding platform for creative project like, Nowadays, our website also growing. The advantage of is you do not need to look for investors. Investors will take a look of your posted idea and contact you directly.
  • Vision – If you want to start a successful startup, you should not count on how much money you will make, instead, you should calculate on how much lives you impacted. Money always come as a by product of your good work.
  • Efforts:- Every startup needs certain amount of efforts, it depends on uniqueness of your business. Sometimes you have to resist certain period of time and sometimes you need to quit before it’s to late. You do not need to take egoistic decision. Sometimes you have to accept facts and move on. First time you “LEARN” and second time you “EARN”. But, you need to continue your efforts on one or another thing.
  • Passion:- People argue that you have to passionate about what are you doing. In some extend I disagree with this argument. For business, you need to smell which way wind is blowing and act accordingly.For example,I cannot become a millionaire by book-binding business. No matter how much I like book-binding business. You need to predict future and act accordingly. For instance, if Facebook starts now, it may not be as successful as it is now.
  • Demography:- This may hurt you a bit if you are not living in United States of America. Just Imagine what if warren Buffet born in Bangladesh, He may not be a Billionaire; No matter how much smart he is. If people lives in your country have more purchasing power than there are always more chances to become successful. Bangladesh’ current GDP is half than Facebook’s current market valuation.So, believe it or not, you running your business in which country that matters a lot.


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