Date:02/06/2018 11:51

India is a country for writers and this community is still untouched and unexplored. In mumbai itself we have more than 50K writers out of which 25K are the registered one. Out of these 25K writers more than 24K writers didnt even receive the first professional feedback on their work.
We are creating an equal opportunity online closed loop system to analyse, scrutinize and promote the good quality content for further development. We value the idea, not the script and will make it complete in all aspects if it deserve the best.
What is good-
1- Known target market
2- Concentrated customers (registered one)
3- Will completely remove mediators
4- First time direct exposure to the buyers
5- Filtration (biggest problem till now is solved)
30-100% annually
Venture capital required for the partnership of less than 30% max against the investment of 40-50 lakhs.

Investment Required 40-50 lakhs
exchange Patners 30
Website URL www.redgreyphite.com
Currency INR
Current Stage Idea
Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
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