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Healthy QSR ( Healthy food along with taste )


Contact Entrepreneur Nandivili Road, Nandivli, Dombivli East, Dombivali, Maharashtra
distance: 8,234 Kilometers



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Healthy QSR ( Healthy food along with taste )

How was Idea born :

When my father had faced heart problem in 2014 and in same year high cholesterol had detected in my body at age 28 years. Also heard one sentence from our family doctor “ It is effect of current lifestyle, zero exercise and unhealthy food “.
We soon realized that many peoples are still away from healthy foods but worrying about various problem like heart, high sugar in life.
Me and my wife both are food technologist and having approx.11 years of experience in food industry. So, we turned our home as a innovation lab & decided to help out all our Indian friends with healthier option.

We have innovated some juices and salad and currently selling as a home made product on pre-order basis in only one location at nandivali road , dombivali East.

Vision : Helping people’s health along with taste.
Mission : To innovate tasty and healthy products by using Desi-Videsi RAW, which are helpful for health in every stage of life.

have to Start QSR with healthy food as first outlet at dombivali.

Now India is moving toward healthy foods but still looking for taste Example Masala Oat, Flavoured Soya Milk, flavoured makhana. People are now thinking of fresh, non-processed food and there will be boom in India for healthy foods in future.
Product and summery in QSR ( Quick service restaurant ) : Salad, juices, healthy wrap, green tea, non dairy milk product,non baked cake, smoothies, soup, healthy dessert.  
The Indian food industry, the sixth largest in the world.As per economic times, in 2016 healthy food market crosses Rs 10,000 Cr. In revenue.
From last couple of years Indians are moving towards healthy foods as health conscious population. But still this segment is unorganized in India. Waiting for tough brand.

Along with QSR, focus on local yoga centers, gym, dietitian and hospitals.

Currency INR
Current Stage Idea
Country India
State/Province Maharashtra
distance: 8,234 Kilometers
Address Nandivili Road, Nandivli, Dombivli East, Dombivali, Maharashtra

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