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SUTE technologies pvt ltd


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distance: 8,786 Kilometers



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SUTE technologies pvt ltd

What is sute technologies?
Sute technologies think’s toilets play an important role in your bathroom. We
believe a better toilet provides a better clean, a cleaner kind of clean. our cleansing
seats and intelligent toilets feature next-generation technology. So we are
considered in creating the perfect bathroom, a toilet that can live up to those
expectations, with our products that are designed to create a relaxing and
comfortable toilet experience. So cleansing, so comforting, you’ll wonder how you
lived without sute
Why sute toilets?
Health applications:
SUTE Intelligent toilets and electronic bidets aid numerous health concerns,
especially for users with sensitive or damaged skin. By eliminating fecal bacteria
left behind by toilet paper, SUTE intelligent toilets also dramatically increase a
user’s hygiene by preventing the spreading of bacteria to each user’s hands.
SUTE Intelligent toilets can aid:
 Skin rashes
 Hemorrhoid discomfort
 Physical limitations (that may make traditional toilet paper wiping difficult)
 Post-childbirth perineum cleansing and soothing
Environmental applications:
SUTE Intelligent toilets are environmentally beneficial as they can reduce a user’s
need for whole lot water consumuntion, toilet paper, saving households money on
water, toilet paper ,hygein products like hand wash & deodorizers and health
fuacets and allowing users to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing their paper
& water consumption over time. SUTE intelligent toilets also use 1.0-1.28 gallons
or 3.5 liter’s of water per flush, reducing consumers’ water consumption and waste
as well.
Intelligent Toilets
The modern design trend is gravitating toward a seamless approach to
technology.SUTE intelligent toilets epitomize this approach with clean lines and
with next-generation technology. SUTE intelligent toilet provides a full suite of
unrivaled features and amenities that will keep you comfortable and clean so that
you feel confident and self-assured.
Cleansing Seat

Investment Required 692185
exchange Patners 8
Currency INR
Current Stage Operational
Country India
State/Province Telangana
distance: 8,786 Kilometers
Address Hyderabad, Telangana

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