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distance: 8,741 Kilometers



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This business plan will show how a total investment of only Rs 2 Crore could yield cumulative net profits in excess of Rs 100 Cr over a three years periods. The purpose of this plan is to secure additional funding from investors of Rs 2cr to cover the start-up costs.Business model is to procure products for our own brand and Piloting a delivery system wherein goods purchased by customers are delivered within few hours of the order being placed that leads to an increase in the repeat metric because their comfort levels are increasing.Selling own brand will pull up the numbers in terms of revenue generated by business. As the cost is controlled internally and not on commission basis, therefore , organization will hold 100% profit with minimum defects.Free and same day delivery ” is what today’s customer would expect over a 10% discount coupon code or gift vouchers. Online shoppers are more likely to respond to free shipping as it makes online transaction more comparable than any other neighborhood store. Whatever maybe the reason, it is proven that consumer’s shopping behavior changes when free shipping & same day delivery is offered.Fast Fashion:-this fashion comes and goes. Primarily targeted towards to YA and MA this fashion never goes out of style it simply goes out of stock Fast fashion also means that the impulsive nature of the buy traction is highly impulsive, because customers know that what ever they see today may not even be in stock in the next 15 days-so if they like it to the extent of buying it later they might as well buy it now This strategy is pretty clear and straight forward. Roll over the inventory at such a fast pace that consumers are actually scared that if they like anything-will it stay till the next visit so that they buy it off immediately on seeing Lot of advantages with fast fashion strategies- quickly spot new fashion trends always under predicting the forecast of stock requirements which reduces discount war on leftover stock

Investment Required INR 20000000
exchange Patners 50
Currency INR
Current Stage Idea
Country India
State/Province Haryana
distance: 8,741 Kilometers
Address Gurugram, Haryana

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