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Inviting Financers/Institutions/Individuals, to invest


Contact Entrepreneur Bhubaneshwar, Odisha
distance: 9,572 Kilometers



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Inviting Financers/Institutions/Individuals, to invest

The business plan is including buying and trading materials to steel world. It includes purchase of raw materials generally consumed at Steel plants and sell to existing customers.
The project is simple, secure and high yielding. Since, it includes dealings with bank, all the time money will remain secured. Business is already ready, sources had been identified and buyers are in place already.
It might be some time earning upto 100% profit, depending on source and purchase price. Time line to complete a project does not exceed more than 4-5 months, ending up in lucrative profits for all.
Current opportunity in hand is yeilding almost 100% on papers.
Thank you for the time in reading, we expect to procure some good revenue and keep rolling together on profits.
Good luck, do utillize the invitation to full.

Investment Required INR 130,000,000
Currency INR
Current Stage Operational
Country India
State/Province Odisha
distance: 9,572 Kilometers
Address Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

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