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Innovative Technical education

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Innovative Technical education

VITVARAA ELECTRONICS is one of the leading EduTech startups in India which provides Technical Education for the Schools from 6th to 10th through the innovative REST(ROBOTICS ENGINEERING SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY) Education.
Vitvaraa Innovation Lab (VIL) is a work space where young minds or professionals can give shape to
their ideas through hands on learning mode and it helps to develop innovation skill. Vitvaraa proposes
to support establishment of network of Vitvaraa Innovation Labs in India.
The main objective of this program is to foster curiosity, creativity, and imagination in young
minds and inculcate skills such as adaptive learning, computational thinking, rapid calculation,
measurements etc. Young minds or professionals will get a chance to work with different engineering
tools like PCB Fabrication machine etc. Student will learn the aspects of REST (Robotics,
Engineering, Science and Technology) education through project based learning.
VIL contain educational, learning and prototyping equipment and Do It Yourself kits on robotics,
electronics, science, microcontroller boards, sensors, printed circuit board fabricating tools etc.
Also Manufacturing the Vitvaraa Inventors Kit and it will helps the students to get trained in the Technical Field.

There are most of the schools and colleges were adopting this idea and in the spam of two years, we are planning to install the VIL in all the schools and colleges in India, Because the technology is the future and no one can run out of it.

Investment Required INR 800000
Website URL www.vitvaraa.com
Currency INR
Video URL Visit Link Here
Current Stage Operational
Country India
State/Province Karnataka
distance: 8,663 Kilometers
Address Bengaluru, Karnataka

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