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Honny Bonny Enterprises


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distance: 8,861 Kilometers



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Honny Bonny Enterprises

Not Only in India, Every country’s resident use garlic in kitchen. Now these days every body want ready made food. If the client want to use garlic than it need to peel it first & take more time consuming process. Client want fresh & hygienic product. So we are providing peeled & Packed product to the clients.

Now These days China is the first producer of peeled garlic & it export 95% garlic to another countries. Chinese garlic more famous rather than India. Against This India is the 2nd largest producer of Garlic. But Indian Garlic not export to most of the countries.

Honny Bony Enterprises prepares Peeled Garlic, Garlic Juice grown in India for exportation to American specialty roasters and sells to wholesalers on the Indian market. We will expand production capacity from 300 Ton per year to 1200 Ton per year. Our Peeled Garlic stands out from that of the competition. Our customers seek this product as it provides them with a point of differentiation to specialty roasters. In the past two years, demand for our Peeled garlic has exceeded the amount we are able to supply and we have been forced to refuse requests for larger shipments.

We predict growth of 100 % in the first year with sales exceeding expectations. In year three the plant will run at 200% capacity and based on the current price of peeled Garlic we expect excellent profits . We have positive indicators from current importers that the additional amount of Garlic will be sold.

Our keys to success are:

Establishing and maintaining working relationships and contractual agreements with American importers and Indian Peeled Garlic wholesalers.
Bringing the new facility to maximum production within three years of operation.
Increasing our profit margin with the use of improved technology in the new facility.
Effectively communicating to current and potential customers, through targeted efforts, our position as a differentiated provider of the highest quality & Hygienic in the world.

Investment Required $500000
exchange Patners 20
Website URL www.honnybonnyexim.co.in
Currency USD
Current Stage Operational
Country India
State/Province Uttar Pradesh
distance: 8,861 Kilometers
Address Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh
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