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Ambulance network in india


Contact Entrepreneur Chandigarh, Punjab
distance: 8,746 Kilometers



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Ambulance network in india

I want to connect all existing ambulance with an application through which every common man can avail the ambulance service easily and cheaper.Availability of ambulance should be made within 30 mins of booking confirmation which will boost the healthcare facilities in India.In future air ambulance should be made common by the help of this application to ensure patient delivery fastly.For village area there should be helicopter ambulance which will end the gap of healthcare services and rural areas.,since our country is country of villages and to make healthcare easier we will implement helicopter ambulance 24*7 for service.it will overcome the problems of traffic problem nowadays.We will implement direct video conference to doctor and patient in presence of medical supervisor for emergency medical assistant.

Investment Required 100000
exchange Patners 15
Currency INR
Current Stage Idea
Country India
State/Province Chandigarh
distance: 8,746 Kilometers
Address Chandigarh, Punjab
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