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Agri stores


Contact Entrepreneur Hyderabad, Telangana
distance: 8,786 Kilometers



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Agri stores

In these stores we make available about 70 types of vegetables and fruits.Also many types of spices, cereals, pulses, dryfruits, millets, pre prepared salads, juices are available in organic and non organic forms.And all these are available at MAp technology. Till now there are stores in certain areas which provide only some of the products.but we launch our stores with these many products and also we are going to make it a brand in India wide over the 29 states we are going to launch many of our stores.and also the designing will be like a fully agricultural based.It means we use pots, statues and plackarde etc.., of Farmers and other agriculture related things.
Kindly interested ones can contact; 7036060353

Investment Required US$16500
exchange Patners 40
Currency INR
Current Stage Operational
Country India
State/Province Telangana
distance: 8,786 Kilometers
Address Hyderabad, Telangana

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