Idea Of Entrepreneur

Hello World,

This is my first blog, I don’t know what is the standard blogging procedure. I just wanna tell you a simple story of a person who has a dream to enhance entrepreneurship in the world.


Idea Of Entrepreneur


Let me tell his story,

He had an idea to make an virtual dating game that totally different experience of gaming. You can meet the person and make friends. This whole idea was about connecting virtual and real world.

He had an idea on paper. He need an investment to make his idea happen.

He asked local friends and family member for investment- Rejected

He went to the local venture capitalist, they said your idea would never get an investment until it’s not just an idea. It should be operational business.

He cannot go for crowdfunding because he has nothing for return gift. Finally, his idea died.After some days he saw a crowd playing some kind of virtual game. That was Pokemon-go. He had a same kind of idea but died, due to lack of investment.

His idea has no value because it’s just on paper..? His idea was worth for millions.

That he is me. Founder of website. I create an website that you can post your idea and we will tell the world about your invention.

Hopefully, someone will understand your vision and ready to invest on you.

We believe, “No ideas should die because of lack of investment”

Idea Of Entrepreneur

Idea Of Entrepreneur

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  1. Deepali said on 23/01/2017 07:00:

    Good work. Keep it up

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