How to Startup a Business?

start a business

start a business


Edison said “1% Inspiration and 99% Perspiration” is true – the whole story of inspiration might be trapped, so forget inspiration and start work.
In every aspect, you need to ask yourself that am I doing something useful for people? – The degree of the problems you solved is directly proportional to the amount of wealth you gain. That wealth could be means of power, people or money.
All hearts have dreamed with thoughts and ideas. Most of the ideas die before they born. It might be due to several reasons including social and financial. But, some people in this world exist who stick to their ideas for a sustained period of time.

For startup the most dangerous thing is society; People around you. people have a habit to talk to against you when things are not working and they will come to praise you when they see your progress.So first rules of Startup is to ignore the people around you and “be deaf”.So, go and start working on your dream if you have the capability to go against your friends, family, and society.


People who resist against obstacles are ‘Winners’. To built an empire it is not possible to not have failures.


The other major problem with every startup is only a founder can see at what extent this business will grow. Others cannot see. People see him as a crazy.
Remember, money is a byproduct of how useful work you are doing. Never think of money. What is the reason a majority of people who build an empire are school or college dropouts? – they never think of money. The money will come eventually when people love what you do.Entrepreneurs see others people’s problems are their own problems. They share a problem with them, they feel pain for others. They challenge the system and change the situation. Those people are called  ”ENTREPRENEURS”. is looking for those entrepreneurs who can think beyond limit. Are there any??




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