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Find Business Investors Online

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  1. Shiv Dwivedi said on 16/03/2018 18:05:

    Anyone interested to invest in international BPO for the technical support??

    Plzz contact @ 7454919860/7906176645
    Mail @

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    lafamilia said on 24/03/2018 16:05:

    anyone ineterested in mushroom farming as financial partner please contact us at

  3. said on 01/04/2018 03:49:

    I have Road accident prevention device.
    It is having a globle market as everyone will be need this.
    Intersted investor statring from 20 lakhs can contact me.
    Rajeev Negi 8875028765

  4. Jewellery Industries said on 04/04/2018 16:10:

    I need investment for Artificial Designer Jewellery manufacturing n trading with new idea for Indian n international industries.

  5. Jewellery Industries said on 04/04/2018 16:13:

    My mob no 9833532379

  6. HighIncomeBusiness said on 07/04/2018 20:47:

    Anyone interested in investing 50 lakhs for a wholesale and retail company that could earn a potential of 100 percent in wholesale and 300 percent in retail? WhatsApp me at +91 73599 44475 for more info.

  7. Venugopal said on 14/04/2018 05:56:

    Ours is a Partnership firm located in central kerala. We are into manufacturing and exporting of various food products. ISO certification is in progress, This is a MSME unit with Food Manufacturing Licence and Export Licence.

    We have received number of export orders, some are standing orders, for shipment of our own products. We have some urgent fund requirement to meet unexpected surge in export orders. Our fund requirement is to the tune of Rs.30 to 50 lakhs. This can be an external investment covered with proper legal agreement with minimum lock in period of one year. We will pay decent interest on investment with profit sharing.

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    sanjay singh said on 16/04/2018 17:11:

    anyone interested to invest in digital advertising startup….
    contact me 8810304887 or

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    Emmanuel said on 03/05/2018 12:49:

    Anyone interested in joining me in investing and running a company like Amazon for Africa contact me huge potential to make billions of dollars as I have already developed a mobile app and the resultant demand in Africa has become too much for me to handle after launching my company i need funds to scale the business.
    For quicker queries contact me at +919646537489 or send me a message on LinkedIn at Emmanuel chipipa or email me at

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    box1977 said on 22/05/2018 19:28:

    Offering equity/interest on successful cardio boxing clubs.I am the founder and sole owner
    see since 1997. my direct email is

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    box1977 said on 22/05/2018 19:31:

    I am the founder of Big Fish Boxing Clubs.I opened the first club in 1997 with the concept of boxing for fitness.The concept had not been used yet and i was criticized by many for investing in my idea.The clubs did extremely well and others followed.Today it is a concept used in gyms all over.I have been consulting dozens of gym owners over the last year.The consulting really started by word of mouth and it really is not my business but i have learned that 98% of boxing clubs or franchises were not making profit and most were losing a lot.I know what it takes to be profitable with very little investment , They key to profit is a number of things but its the owner who has to be knowledgable in both boxing and business ,I never ran into one owner that had the mix and that is just the root of it.I am looking for a silent investor that will invest $45,000 and get 24% back to open a new location.

  12. Manufacturing Start up said on 26/05/2018 10:30:

    Request for investors to invest in start up of my new business. I am starting BOP tap manufacturing and Chain link fance manufacturing. This project cost is 13lacs included working capital. High profit and market running product.

  13. said on 27/05/2018 12:21:

    Hello, I am looking investor who can invest Upto 50lac for a fitness center roi within 18 months, anyone interested plz shoot mail to the email

  14. Rishiraj Bhardwaj said on 31/05/2018 07:09:

    If anyone interested to invest some money like 7to 8 lack and earn per month fix 2lack in hookah lounge❤✌
    please contact me= 9001119499

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    amitloveranjan said on 12/06/2018 12:09:

    any one interested to investe 10-12 Lc in fantacy game and payment solution like phonepe and paytm.
    contact me

  16. said on 15/06/2018 22:03:

    I am looking for a property investors.. In Zimbabwe +263772220410 inbox please

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    Business Investor Needed said on 26/08/2018 14:20:

    Business Investor Required
    Requirement is,

    Investment : Rs 60 Lakhs Minimum.

    Company is Pvt Ltd Company registered with central govt.

    Returns : Rs 60 Lakhs + Rs 40 Lakhs

    Contract will be closed ones the Investor receives 60 Lakhs + Rs 40 Lakhs.

    Company is Pvt Ltd Company in Chennai registered with central govt

    Duration : 5 months.


    Suresh Krishnan,

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