Entrepreneurship Development

Recently, I came across solution to make India great again. First I thought what a silly solution. India is already a great nation than I think What a great solution. I want you to decide is this really an excellent thought or just random thinking without any base.??

I am going to elaborate three simple points to make India great again.

1. Food

Less than 1 % Indian has knowledge about right diet. Balance Nutrition makes people healthy, wealthy and prosperous. Believe it or not, Indian has less I.Q power than western countries. We are quite weak to understand situation, creating new things or invent something. Only Innovation will kill poverty and innovations need high I.Q power which will only come when we have healthy thinking process.
In addition, right diet creates a good body shape. Attractive body shape can enhance tourism dramatically, which will role our economy.
We need to make this possible by adding nutritionists’ lectures in education system. If we educate kids about healthy diet our generation will strong and intelligent.

2. Physical Strength

You will be amazed that I relate physical weakness with corruption, sports and Swachcha Bharat Abhiyan’.
I believe physically weak people try to generate easy income which leads to corruption. Look around, countries who win highest Olympic gold medal, which are least corrupt countries in the world.
Also one survey says lazy people are often do ‘’GANDAKI”. They are not willing to find dust bin to throw garbage.
I feel pain when together 130 cr populations cannot win a single gold medal. Sports play major roll to improve economy.
We have to make our kids physically strong by introduce work out system or gym in to schools and colleges. Work out is the beneficial addiction, once they start to do it, they will pay to do it their whole life.

3. Living Temperature

This again need great understanding that if human live around 22’C temperature, their
mind and body are in more active stage. Every develop countries found a way to live
around that temperature whole day. For example, extremely cold country Canada
maintains 22’C temperature in houses, buildings, buses, school and almost everywhere.
I understand we are not economically strong to make it possible but could we make it
happen by using solar energy..?

These are my idea to make India great again..!
Last thing, we do not want to become production hub that will increase pollution but we
want to become innovation hub that will make economy stronger than china.
It was Steve Jobs (Founder of apple) who paid $6/phone to make an Iphone to Chinese
and give them pollution, and bring $300 profit per phone to USA.

We need to produce Steve jobs not Chinese labors.

Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurship Development


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