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Idea Of Entrepreneur

                                                                      “OUR MOTTO”

                                               SPREAD IDEAS. BUILD ENTREPRENEURSHIP



                                                                      “OUR VISION”


We value Ideas. “Our team Strongly believe that ”Everything Start from an Idea then it becomes something else”.



                                                                    “OUR COMMITMENT”

We are committed to spreading your story without being judgmental. Our job is to represent your story as it is. Investors will decide, either it is good to invest in it or not.We will put the mike in front of your vision and let the world decide if it is worth to be a part of your story.


                                                                      “WHO CAN INVEST”

Anyone can invest, it could be a person living next to you or it could be angel investors living in the United States. We broke the barriers of the title tag. This is an open source platform. Investors can directly contact any entrepreneurs who have a great business plan.

                                                                      “WHO CAN POST IDEA”

Anyone with a great idea. We do not care either your business plan are in operational condition or you have just an idea. Remember, Investors usually expect detail business project from your side. If you are thinking to start your own business or want to expand an existing business, post your idea on our platform. We do not charge any commission or fees. Also, we do not ask for partnership or any involvement in your deal.



                                                                    “Why IDEA OF ENTREPRENEUR

  • If you want to expand your existing business and you need additional fund, this platform is for you.
  • Let say, you have an amazing idea in your mind and you need money, mentor or partners to grow your idea, you are at the right place.
  • For example, you believe that getting fund is better than asking for the fund. Dear Entrepreneur, we can help you.
  • Simply, we connect money and mind, investors and entrepreneurs.



                                             “Contact Us”



Idea Of Entrepreneur

Idea Of Entrepreneur


Feel free to contact us by



504/B, Ashoka Chambers, Opp. HCG Hospital,

Nr. Mithakhali six rd, Ahmedabad



Phone: +91 79-40072006


Written By,

Samip Thakkar,

CEO at Idea Of Entrepreneur






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